woensdag 29 juni 2011

Lean, Scrum & PMI go hand in hand

At least for me personally. This week I got feedback on my proposals for both the leankanban2011 event and the PMI Benelux day! They both accepted my talks.
  • So on Saturday, 1/10/2011, I'll be presenting my case on 'challenges of introducing Scrum in corporate environments' on the PMI Benelux day.
  • And on Monday, 03/10/2011, I'll be talking on setting up a lean / agile organization, a testimonial from the Belgian trenches.
 I'm willing to give some sneak previews. Just contact me and I'll answer all your questions (the Scrum, Kanban, lean, PMI related ones... of course ;-)); or follow my future blog posts.

Below you'll find a link to the event websites:

donderdag 23 juni 2011

Risk Management, I do it my way

Risk management is not one of my favourite aspects of project management. However it is one of the most important ones to ensure that your project stays on track and deliver what is required, within the budget that you receive and the time constraints that are set by the stakeholders;

In this blog post I explain how I tackle risk management in my projects without spending too much effort on it

woensdag 15 juni 2011

Done, 'Really Done', 'Done Done' ...

It's quite a common practice in agile or scrum teams to have a Definition of Done. However many teams (especially project teams in larger organizations) define their DoD in their 'political' context within their boundaries of control. This probably makes sense but often these DoD are not "complete" enough to immediately offer the completed stories to the customers. And that is why extra statuses or definitions of done are created and why terms like 'done done’, 'really done' exist. I've created another one: DoRR

Definition of Ready for Release; it helped me a lot in bigger projects in complex corporate environments where the DoD of the agile teams was not sufficient.